Connie Rudd Photography | Random Acts of Nature

Wiinter's Gift__NWMWhere did you come from?_NWMWash Gulch Meadow with Mist_NWMTwo Rams in Light_edited-2The Castles at Ssunrise with a skiff of snowSunrise_3-5-16_AZ License PlateSunrise_3-5-16Seasons in Transition -Fall CasltesRainbow_with Cow elk_2015Rainbow as SunrisePraier Dog Family_NWMOwlets awaiting food from parents_NWMNearly Run Over!Mohave Rattlesnake_AX State ReptileMisty Castles_nowtrmrkMeadow with Mist_NWMMany, Moe and Jack_NWMMama Blue with Dinner_1Last Light on Dillon PinnaclesGothic Road _ Columbine_WM